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It’s every parent’s goal to make sure their child is happy and healthy, including that their teeth are developing properly, without any issues. That’s why regular dental check-ups are vital to ensure that your kids’ teeth stay in the best condition possible – starting six months after their first baby tooth erupts. 

Does your child have a fear of the dentist? Don’t worry! Our gentle and caring dentist at My Family Dental can provide quality and comfortable dental care to children of all ages. 

Types of Dental Treatments For Your Child 

Space Maintainers -Maintaining the health of baby teeth is very important as they play a vital role in chewing, talking, smiling and maintaining the space for the permanent teeth. If the baby tooth is lost early due to trauma, infection or early exfoliation the adjacent teeth might move in an unfavourable position hampering the eruption of permanent teeth in the proper position. Space maintainers can be utilized to keep the space until the permanent tooth erupts.

Hygiene and preventive care – Routine check up every 6 months is very important. Identifying problems early allows for them to be treated when it’s easier and more affordable to do so. Fluoride treatment and placement of sealant prevents cavities and protects your child’s teeth using a special coating. At My Family Dental, your children’s dentist in Edmonton will apply a dental sealant to the occlusal surface of your tooth, which is the part responsible for chewing. Fluorides and dental sealants are mainly a procedure for children; however, it’s also available for adults. These dental treatments can be a great investment for protecting your teeth since fluorides and dental sealants can last up to nine years. 

Restorative Services: If your child is having cavities then it’s important to get them checked on time. If detected early then cavities can be restored and that helps to maintain the stability and health of teeth. Stainless steel crowns are also placed on baby teeth that are structurally compromised. These crowns can restore the structure and function of teeth.

Habit Correction: One of the most common habits in kids is Thumb sucking. Most of the time it’s not a cause of worry and kids normally stop thumb sucking when they are 2 or 3 years old. But if the habit continues then it can have a negative effect on oral health. If your child is still sucking their thumb when their permanent teeth begin to come in, the habit can cause a wide range of other problems. Thumb-sucking can disrupt normal oral development, affecting teeth alignment and the roof of the mouth.  If this habit persists in your child contact your dentist for support.

Sports Guards – When playing contact sports such as field hockey, basketball, martial arts, skateboarding, soccer, and volleyball, it is essential to wear a sports guard to protect your front teeth and jawbone. Sports guards are only worn in the upper portion of your teeth because your upper teeth are the ones that take the force from playing contact sports. 

Having healthy and strong teeth does not happen overnight. To learn more about our children’s dentistry, call us today at (780) 937 3737 to book an appointment. We would be happy to accommodate you!


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