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Why You Should Consider Clear Braces

Invisible braces, commonly called “clear braces,” provide patients with various covert treatment options that can aid in straightening the upper and lower teeth. This teeth realignment may involve using clear braces that can shift the teeth to their proper places, promoting better oral health. Since clear braces don’t need the patient to wear traditional metal braces, they are a great option for patients who may want to straighten their teeth discreetly or comfortably. Adult patients can utilize clear braces to treat orthodontic crowding and gapping problems. Patients can choose different kinds of transparent braces for the best results depending on the treatment strategy suggested by the dentist in Edmonton.

What are the reasons for choosing clear braces?

People choose clear braces for the obvious reason: to straighten their teeth comfortably and discreetly. Additionally, those people who want orthodontic treatment may prefer clear braces over metal braces for the following reasons:

  • Clear braces are less noticeable, which makes them visible – The necessity for braces to correct tooth misalignment is rarely something a teen or adult would want to advertise. Some patients find wearing traditional metal braces to be painful and embarrassing. Even the unflattering moniker of “metal mouth” may be bestowed upon the wearer! Thanks to the near invisibility of the dental appliances utilized between your teeth that transparent braces promise, you can grin freely and with unrestrained joy.
  • Plastic composition is much more convenient – Clear braces are easier to wear and maintain because they are composed of clear plastic rather than bulky metal braces. You may appreciate this great advantage if you’ve ever battled to remove debris from metal braces.
  • Simple removal makes anything more versatile – Wearing traditional braces until the teeth are properly straightened can seem like a one-way route for your teeth. Contrarily, clear braces can be removed without a dentist’s assistance, allowing you to remove them for significant occasions like a work presentation or a social gathering and then quickly reapply them later without attracting undue notice.
  • Blends seamlessly into contemporary lifestyles – You can be limited by metal braces, especially in public. For instance, choosing your lunch noodle with your (metal) teeth still intact is the last thing you want to do as an adult! This is substantially less likely to occur when using clear braces. You can even take off your braces when dining in public for increased comfort. Cleaning is also made simpler as a result.

What is the treatment process for clear braces? 

When your Edmonton dentist uses clear aligners, a pre-aligner, often a passive brace, is built so the patient can test the system. A pre-aligner allows the patient to become used to the clear aligners’ appearance and texture while also gaining practical maintenance knowledge. The first set of personalized clear aligners will be created and sent in cases where the patient is willing to proceed with the procedure. The treatment could take between 18 and 30 clear aligners, spread over nine to eighteen months. 

A final retainer could be necessary to finish the clear aligner treatment. 
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