When To Rush To An Emergency Dental Clinic – 3 Types Of Dental Emergencies

How many times did you feel that there is something wrong with your tooth, but you overlooked the symptoms until you felt excruciating pain? When it comes to a toothache or any type of injury to your teeth a specialist suggests that you should not delay getting it looked at. Remember that your oral health is also important so whenever you are in pain, seeking help from an emergency dentist can save the life of your tooth by limiting the spread of further tooth decay or worse an infection.


Now, the next foremost question is when it is apt to contact an emergency dental clinic to get quality oral health care? As a rule of thumb, it is right to contact any health care professional when you are in dire need of health care. If you are still unsure, illustrated below are 3 common dental emergencies:



Do not treat a toothache with a grain of salt, it could be also one of the reasons for a dental emergency. If you are unsure about the criticality of the situation then summon to a renowned emergency Dental clinic. Maybe you need a Root Canal Treatment for an abscessed or decaying tooth.


Fractured tooth / Avulsed Tooth

 Your tooth can get fractured for any number of reasons may be an accident or biting down too hard or developing a cavity that has weakened your tooth. So, when it happens it is significant to see a dentist who can ensure your optimal oral health care. As the repercussion of ignoring the symptoms can result in further decay and oral infection. Another emergency is when your tooth has been totally dislodged from its socket, this is called avulsion. It is critical that you rush to the emergency dental clinic ASAP to be able to reimplant the avulsed tooth. Call the dentist immediately to be able to know what to do with the tooth.


Broken jaw 

A dislocated jaw generally happens when a strong external force is applied to your jaw.  Situations like a dreadful car accident, sports injuries, and work accidents; are a few common reasons. Such situations need specialized attention, so it is pivotal to contact an emergency dentist right away.


Walk-in to the Emergency Dental Edmonton if there is an emergency, no appointment is required for the people in dire need of dental care. Contact us today so that your dental emergency can be taken care of.


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