Signs you need to see a Dentist

While we should visit our Dentist at regular intervals for comprehensive checkup and cleaning, here are the symptoms which should not be ignored:

  • Bleeding or sore gums –While gums often bleed due to vigorous brushing and flossing,  gums also bleed due to build up of plaque. If the plaque is not removed then it can lead to receding gums,  it can damage the bones in the jaw and eventually lead to loss of teeth.  Bleeding gums should not be ignored as it could also be a symptom of a more serious health condition like diabetes and heart stroke.
  • Bad breadth– Morning breadth or breadth immediately after a meal due to food residue in the mouth is not a immediate cause for concern however if it persists or becomes chronic then it could be early signs of gum disease, dry mouth or tooth decay.
  • Tooth ache – Tooth ache can occur due to several reasons. It can occur due to an infection in the teeth or can also be due to an injury or gum disease. Tooth ache occurring soon after consuming something hot or cold is due to tooth sensitivity and indicates that the tooth enamel has worn off. A decaying tooth will also result in tooth ache and could be a symptom of tooth abscess.
  • Jaw pain – Clenching or grinding teeth during sleep can result in jaw pain and damage the teeth. Other causes of jaw pain can be gum disease, cavities, damaged teeth or abscess.
  • Discolored or stained teeth – Outer layers of the teeth can become discolored because of drinking coffee, wine or smoking.  The inner layers may get an yellow tint due to antibiotics, trauma to the tooth or internal bleeding.