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Dental emergencies often come unannounced. Are you in need of Emergency Dental in Edmonton and are wondering if there is an Emergency Dentist near you? See Dr. Anu Narang at My Family Dental Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta the same day if you develop any of the following dental problems:

  •  A sudden toothache or tooth pain – A toothache should never be ignored as it could likely be a symptom of a deeper underlying problem like an abscess or a root canal infection. We attend to any emergency dealing with a root canal, extraction, or abscess.
  • Knocked-out tooth, Chipped tooth, or a Loose tooth –Seek our help if you have a knocked-out tooth, a chipped tooth, or a loose tooth.  Time is everything when it comes to saving the knocked-out tooth or teeth. It needs to be immediately put back in the socket. The chances of the revival of a knocked-out tooth increase if it is held from the opposite end of its root(the part that is in contact with the gums) and immediately rinsed with water. It should then be placed back in the socket or if it cannot be put back in the socket then it should be kept moist by either immersing it in milk, saliva, or just plain water. Dental help should be sought immediately thereafter. For chipped or partly broken teeth, if the broken piece can be found then it is sometimes possible to reattach it. Any dental injury leading to a loosened tooth should be treated within 5-6 hours.
  • Gums related emergencies- The tissues of the gums, lips, or tongue are very sensitive and are easily prone to injuries due to accidental bites, falls, or scalding fluids.  Any such injury should be treated as a dental emergency and the help of a dentist should be sought immediately.
  • Lost fillings, Loose/Lost crown, or Bridges- Call us immediately if you have lost a filling or crown. A lost filling or crown exposes the tissues to outside temperature and bacteria which can lead to infection.

Please note that some of the dental issues can be prevented from turning into Dental emergencies if they are detected early. Inform your Dentist when you notice these symptoms. 

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